AMT Transform

AMT Transform is Asysco’s conversion engine which migrates complete legacy ecosystems in a comprehensive and turn-key fashion to AMT equivalents. For mainframe migration and code conversion. You have the choice to convert the source code to either:


The mainframe migration includes:

  • all the code
  • any data structure: whether flat/index files or hierarchical, network or relational databases to a relational database (choice of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or DB2)
  • the conversion of JCL/WFL/ECL/shell scripts to VB Scripts or Windows PowerShell


  • any other operational component like interfacing, security, batch scheduling, user management and so on, to their Windows based equivalents

The open and native .NET based landing platform is our proven AMT GO, managed by our AMT Control Center (optional).

AMT Transform uses flexible, intelligent and adaptive conversion algorithms (Asysco intellectual property) that prevent code bloat (typically no more that 20% code expansion) and has an extremely low conversion defect rate (industry leading benchmark). Paired with integrated and automated testing tools (TestMatch), this ensures that 100% automated conversion is achieved in just a few iterations (“code drops”) minimizing the impact of the migration as much as possible.

AMT Transform has a proven track record of over 200M lines of production code, over 60 projects (all successful), and petabytes of converted data (both database as well as flat files).

After the mainframe migration or code conversion, your new .NET based deployment environment including relational databases, executables, libraries, batch controllers, etc. will be presented in AMT GO,  Asysco’s comprehensive landing platform.

Optionally, you may choose to manage the new environment in AMT Control Center, the sophisticated central administration toolset for the system administration functions.