AMT Transform

AMT Transform is Asysco’s transformation engine which migrates complete legacy ecosystems in a comprehensive and turn-key fashion. AMT Transform combines the power of re-platforming, re-hosting, and re-factoring in one single solution allowing complete flexibility over your modernization roadmap: you decide on what to keep/rehost and what to re-factor.

You also decide on what moves into the Cloud and what stays on-premises, all at the click of a button. Full flexibility and choice over your modernization roadmap. It gets even better: anything you re-host does not depend on any legacy emulation software at it is already converted straight into either C# or Java, ready to be adopted the moment you decide to abandon the legacy code development. No more lock-ins and no more vendor limitations, you decide. No emulation also means better performance!

Asysco offers re-platforming and re-hosting for both Unisys LINC, called AMT LION, as well as for re-hosting any COBOL, called AMT COBOL (IBM mainframe, Unisys Libra, Unisys Dorado, Micro Focus, and other COBOL flavors), using our proven AMT Dev Studio environment.

For re-factored code, you can maintain your re-factored code using industry-standard tools such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio, Jenkins, GitHub, and others.

AMT Transform handles all the legacy artifacts in an end to end, turn-key way:

  • all the code
  • any data structure: whether flat/index files or hierarchical, network, or relational databases to a relational database (such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2)
  • (batch) scripting JCL/WFL/ECL/shell scripts to x86 based equivalents such as Windows PowerShell or python
  • any other operational component like interfacing, security, batch scheduling, user management, and so on, to native x86 based equivalents

The transformed system runs in our open, native, x86 based, landing platform AMT GO and can be managed by our AMT Control Center (optional licensed product) or any other commercial management tool.

AMT GO comes in 2 flavors:

AMT Transform has a proven track record of hundreds of millions of re-hosted and transformed legacy code with many references in all industries and sizes of systems.