Unique and easy to use replacement for Unisys LINC, EAE and AB Suite.

The Asysco Migration Technology (AMT) Framework offers automated migration of Unisys mainframe applications and the option to transform Unisys LINC code to AMT LION.

AMT LION is a highly productive, Object Oriented, language supported by a fully functional Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Application Management (Operations) Center and Runtime Framework, and is functionally equivalent to Unisys LINC.

AMT LION offers many capabilities that typically are not provided within the legacy system such as:

  • Ad-Hoc Report Management and Print Utility – Allows end-users to run and view ad-hoc reports as required and automatically supports output directly to physical or logical printers or PDF or TXT file formats;
  • Real-Time Query Utility – Allows permissions based access to the application database without the need to use the host relational database toolset such as the SQL Server and Oracle Management Studio;
  • Messaging – Provides a central location for users to view and respond to awaiting messages and requests;
  • Source Control – Preserves the integrity of code changes by requiring developers to check out and check back in sources from a central code repository;
  • Version Control – Logs and tracks version changes automatically. Two versions of the same source code can be compared side-by-side to quickly identify differences, and versions can be rolled-back and/or branche;
  • Change Control – Changes can be individually or collectively labeled and promoted from Development to custom defined generation sets such as Test, QA, Staging, Training or Production.

AMT LION also:

  • Migrates business logic including the original comments and documentation items unchanged
  • Maintains the number of lines of code
  • Provides a robust integrated development environment with drag and drop controls, easy to use code wizards, built in syntax checker, and fully functional code debugger
  • Handles the Legacy database commands such as Read Forward, Read Back, Read Prior while simultaneously supporting the use of SQL free queries, aggregate functions, triggers, and stored procedures
  • Allows for the easy integration of Consumable and Provided Web Services by automatically importing or generating WSDL Contracts.
  • Allows monitored or automatic deployment of compiled sources to production
  • Allows flexible and efficient adoption of and integration with external systems and functions. Either existing legacy functionality can be replaced with modern, standard applications or interfaces with these can be created and maintained. Examples are ERP, CTI, CRM, GL and so on.
  • Fully removes the Unisys vendor lock-in

“The AMT LION implementation was a huge success, not only from a project perspective, but also from the perspective of our end users.”
Patrick McNaught, IT Head of Strategy HBOS plc