Landing platform for .NET based deployment environment

AMT GO is the comprehensive landing platform which represents your new .NET based deployment environment including relational databases, executables, libraries, batch controllers, etc.

AMT GO brings your legacy applications to the future. It offers flexibility, scalability and the ability to easily adopt new technologies and is based on standard Microsoft components, which ensures that the target system is scalable, manageable, secure and resilient.

AMT GO has been specifically designed, and is continuously enhanced, to:

  • provide at least same or better quality of service (availability and resilience, scalability, performance, security, manageability, effectiveness) compared to the migrated system at much lower cost,
  • facilitate and speed up integration by adopting open standards,
  • enable innovation by eliminating proprietary lock-ins,
  • allow flexible deployment models: whether on-premise, private- or public cloud or any hybrid of those allowing scale on demand whilst not sacrificing any quality of service aspects.

Apart from this, the platform offers many capabilities that typically are not provided within the legacy system such as:

  • Ad-Hoc Report Management and Print Utility – Allows end users to run and view ad-hoc reports as required and automatically supports output directly to physical or logical printers or PDF or TXT file formats;
  • Messaging – Provides a central location for users to view and respond to awaiting messages and requests;

AMT GO has proven to be a future proof foundation (basis) to run your business aligned with IT (and keep it that way) in over 60 installations worldwide in all key markets and industries. It can most effectively be managed by the AMT Control Center offering you a complete central toolset for all system administration functions.