Transform your existing legacy applications and create a truly digital business

Work with Asysco to address your concerns around legacy application modernization – we provide unique, flexible, and automated application conversion solutions to help you transform at your own pace, at a guaranteed time and cost.

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Migrate your mainframe and set up a new
foundation for business innovation

Use our automated and Cloud-proven transition approach to future-
proof your enterprise and minimize the disruption to your organization.

Flexible transition

Benefit from a fluid approach that delivers re-hosting and re-factoring outcomes in one single process – allowing you to remove dependence on mainframe and flexibly move through re-factoring to full transformation.

Conversion engine

Convert your legacy code while preserving application functionality. Our conversion engine is a turn-key solution to simplify the migration of your entire system in a reliable and tested way.

Landing platform

Achieve cost efficiencies, flexibility and scalability while retaining full control over converted applications. Our target architecture platform helps you start innovating and retain the value of your COBOL legacy.

Transition services

Our experts ensure the successful running of the project and improve core competencies, whether you’re working with us directly or through an SI partner.

A unique approach that brings the benefits
of re-hosting and re-factoring into
one, single and transparent process.

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Move smoothly to Cloud for
opportunity without complexity

Utilize our unique IP and set of technologies to drive up
your competitive edge.

Transform at your own pace

With no software lock-in and code converted, you can continue to develop in COBOL, and retire your legacy systems when you’re ready, without relying on emulation software.

Land your applications safely in the Cloud

Access sophisticated monitoring and insights, speed up integration with open systems and foster greater agility and scalability, creating a platform for innovation.

Transition your workforce flexibly

Through our Development Studio you can offer your legacy staff flexibility by letting them develop in COBOL even after the code is converted, retaining valuable experience.

Increase innovation and reduce cost

Benefit from performance and scale through Azure Building Blocks, fuelling innovation and making the running costs of the Cloud platform more predictable.

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Transform COBOL code

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Turning legacy into business value

We’ve been working with businesses since 1979, evolving
along the way just as our clients do. We respect the old,
while believing in the new.

Transform your enterprise into an agile,
innovative and future-proof business

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“Hurricane Sandy made us realize our vulnerability. We needed a cost effective strategy to solve our business continuity & disaster recovery shortfalls. The Cloud project became reality. Asysco first helped us transform our legacy off the mainframe and now they help us to move to the Cloud. They are a committed and knowledgeable business partner that helps us achieve our goals.”

Enrique Rozo, CIO Amalgamated

Customer Stories

Asysco has successfully completed migration and transformation projects for over 60 customers in almost every major industry.

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